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dont you dare i decided that it is very hard to sleep in this room what with the television and the computer and all. i tried to go to bed like an hour and a half ago, but nope. i swear i have add. today felt like a friday. maybe thats why i cant sleep. im listening to some kids band and its really cute! theyre called Dave E. Nation. they did a remake of "this little light of mine". sooo awsomethey changed the lyrics though

"i wont let anyone fuck it up,
im gunna let it shine (x3)
let it shine, let it shine, let it shine"

hahahaha i love it. i dont think that was in the original! i cant stoplistening to it. BUT NO!! i have to go to sleep. i have alot of shitto do tomorow. the bed smells funny. i just wanna bounce to this song. NOOOOOOO!!! must sleep.
oh and by the way, el parentos are tres stupide and said that bcause im leaving early on the funeral i have to go out to dinner with them on friday *tear* no movie for me. ill just go cry myself to sleep. yes sleep. thatll be good. i have to sleep. my classes are so gayHOMOSEXUAL. i dont wanna watch a stupid movie in french. theyres some weird cortoon on cartoon network with fat naked people. im scared. i hope my alarm clock works tomorow. that would suck. cuz i smell. i wanna take a shower like right now. but nnoooooo, i have to sleep on the smelly bed. like whoa theres sooo many things i wanna say right now but i know i shouldnt, maybe ill tell you all later. i wanna know if you can tell. so im going to sleep now after i listen to this^ song one more time. like for reals this time! ok bye
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