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i killed a bird

i hit a bird today! i was going down glover and i let off the gas cuz i saw a bird in the road. then it flew away, so i sped up again and the bird flew back to where it was and i was too close to stop and it was too late and it hit the corner of my car. i thought maybe it missed and went under my car but when i looked in the rearview mirror there was was a bunch of feathers in the road. then when i got to where i was going i looked at the front of my carand there were feathers all down the left side.i thought i was going to be sick. at least there was no blood or anything. so i bought my self underoos with racing stripes and candy bars to make myself feel better.
wel so you probly didnt want to hear that but i thought id share it anyways.
k, lovelove
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