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ELF LADY!!!!!!!!!!!! *shhhh* she can hear you!

so tonight was awsome. LAUREN YOU SHOULD HAVE STAYED.

[nicole you dont have to read this cuz hahaha you were there!!]
after you left, lauren, we went to copper creek and josh was completely trying to freak nicole out. haha hes so retarded JKJK. anyways, so i was waving to all the cars that went by the bus pick up area right, and one car like spun around all fast and sped towards my car! then they drove off. but like 30 seconds later they came back and asked us if we wanted to go to some party (they went to ironwood) so we followed them to where we would have parked then yelled "bye!!! sry we have to go!!!!!!" i hope they heard and didnt think we were just ditching them, but it was like 11 and josh had to be home. it would have been fun to go though. oh well. so we went to josh's house and he let off a couple of fire works and all the people on the street started turning on their lights and when we went to my car there was an old fat man and some lady like in the street...haha, it was weird. haha omg i almost forgot the elf lady!!! haha i cant even describe she was weird.

it was a very fun evening. i hope jayme and laura and umm marco had fun at the show!! i want to go shopping tomorow. our computer is not on the floor anymore. i really love hanging out with well umm EVERYBODY! itll be very very sad when we go to college. omg i dont evn want to think abou that right now. erg now im sad *tear*

well that was realy pointless and long, i wont be sad if you dont read it.
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