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like fucking air

all oflast night was so awesome. thanks laura and jayme for that! we definately are going to do this again. i want to see hardxcore bandana kidd again! haha

so the family thing sucked ass today. three of my relatives made fun of my makeup. ya 3. "whats this dark racoon eyes look you have?"  "looks like your makeup got messed up while swimming"(i didnt even go swimming!) "i dont get this black eyeliner trend, what are you trying to look like" (ya, she said "what")
so thank you, for giving me even more reason to hate you.

i really want to get the matches cd. i looked for it to download and absolutely nothing came up. *gasp* im accually going to have to buy a cd!
so i havent slept all day and have been moving around and doing things but for som reason im not tired like at all, i mean its only 900 but still with all that ive done and with only 3 hours of know. its the shoes. like walking on fucking air. i tried to escape the family and like lock myself in my room, but like all 10 of my cousins were all over the bed and floor watching fucking cartoon network. i couldnt go anywhere, everywhere i went there was family, making fun o my hair and makup and things i said. i know they say that family is forever, so i might as well kill myself now

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