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my parents promised that they'd leave me and ny sister alone all day....haha ya right!
i love how they lie
and how they dont trust me
and how they both think that im so fucked up
and how it seems that they dont even care when i try to talk to them and then tell me that i dont talk anymore

the weirdest thing has been happening lately. when i do two things at once, they have been "colliding" (for lack of a better word). ive been trying to keep track of what it is. like i was reading and listening to music at the same time and the exact moment when i read a word it will be said in the song also. its really creepy and its been happeneing more frequently.
the one that just happened was that i read "find a cure for this cancer" at the exact moment in "in the shadows" by the rasmus.
another that happened today was i was listening to something by hellogoodbye (which, by the way, im missing their show because of my vacation!!!!) and watching tv and "did you feel that" was in both

its creepy. it probably doest mean anything, but i like to think it does

does this ever happen to you???
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